How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 31600? Call Now +1-877-521-2086

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 31600? Call Now +1-877-521-2086:

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How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 31600? Call Now +1-877-521-2086 QuickBooks 31600 error is a problem that most users face, but it can be easily resolved. Sometimes it happens that some QuickBooks users are not able to correct the error by following these technical steps. In this case, you need to contact our team of experts to get technical advice. You can contact our experts at our free QuickBooks error support number + 1-877-521-2086. Below you will find some of the solutions to QuickBooks error 31600. How to repair QuickBooks error code 31600 in QuickBooks, your QuickBooks has stopped working and you are unable to perform your work. There are several reasons for this error, but in general this happens when adding or deleting accountants in QuickBooks Online. How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 31600? Call Now +1-877-521-2086.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 31600? Call Now +1-877-521-2086


QuickBooks Error Code 31600:

QuickBooks is exceptionally designed with advanced features and modules that have revolutionized the accounting world. The management of finances and accounts was an important step with this accounting software for small businesses. On the one hand, when the software simplifies accounting by replacing all manual tasks with fully automated functions, it is on the other hand prone to errors. QuickBooks Error code-31600 is an unforeseen internal error that usually occurs when the user attempts to configure or remove access for its accountant. When the error occurs, QuickBooks stops working and restricts the user’s work. How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 31600? Call Now +1-877-521-2086.

Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 31600, when you remove accountants from your QuickBooks application, you may encounter this QuickBooks error. In such a situation, your application will stop working and it will affect your workflow.


What are the possible causes of this 31600 error?

QuickBooks 31600 error occurs in a variety of situations and is listed below. Often, understanding the reason or situation can help to find a solution to this error.


  • When creating a portable file.
  • Make a backup
  • When you send payroll by direct Deposit.
  • The error also occurs when you try to create a company file.
  • Open the Open Company installation
  • Checking or rebuilding properties
  • When you save a transaction.
  • Open a new window in QuickBooks
  • When you download the payroll updates.
  • A company closing a file.


✔ Solution 1: Press your QuickBooks desktop

Press Desktop when you start QuickBooks.

  • Press and hold the control button.
  • Then double-click the QuickBooks icon.
  • When the company window is open, hold down the control key
  • Click on the desktop when opening the business file


  • The first thing to do is click on the desired company file and select it, and not open the Company window.
  • Now hold down the ALT key on your keyboard.
  • After that, click Open.
  • Now, if you are prompted to log in, release the key and enter your login information.
  • You should not press the ALT key until the file is fully open and you hold down the ALT key and click OK.
  • Once you do this, you will get an empty screen on QuickBooks.
  • If you can highlight a QuickBooks menu with your pointer, your QuickBooks file will open.


✔ Solution 2: Identify the number of users concerned.

  • From the company menu, select Configure Users and Passwords.
  • Now click on Configure users.
  • For business users, click Company, and then select Users.
  • After that, click Configure users and Roles
  • When finished, click Add Users and provide the username and password.
  • Now click Next
  • If necessary, customize the user
  • Now click Finish.
  • Once at the bottom, with the new connection details, log in to the company file.


✔ Solution 3: Create a Windows administrator

For Windows 10:

  • The first thing to do is click Start
  • Now click on Settings
  • After that, select accounts
  • Click on family and other users
  • Under other users, you must select add someone else on the PC.
  • Once done, you must choose I have no credentials for this person.
  • Now click on Add user without Microsoft account.
  • After that, enter the name of the new account.
  • Click Finish.
  • Now select the newly created account.
  • Click Account Type
  • Click Administrator and click OK.


For Windows 8.1


  • To open the Run window, press Windows + R on your keyboard.
  • Now select the Control Panel and click OK.
  • Click User account and select Manager another account.
  • Now select other accounts and click Add Account.
  • You must click Connect without Microsoft account.
  • Choose the local account and enter the user name, password and password prompt
  • Click Next
  • After that, the screen will return to manage the screen of the other accounts
  • Choose the newly created account and click Edit
  • Click the drop down option and choose Admin
  • Click OK


For Windows 8.7 and Vista

  • To open the Run window, press Windows + R
  • Now click on Control Panel and click OK.
  • Now click on user accounts
  • After that, select Manage another account.
  • Now tap Create new account
  • Now type the name of the new account to be created
  • After that, select the administrator
  • Click Create Account


✔ Solution 4: Create a new Windows server

  • The first thing to do is to open the Server Manager.
  • Now click on Tools
  • After this selection on Computer Management
  • Increase Local Users and groups
  • Now select groups
  • Double-click the Administrator group to open the Administrator property Windows.
  • Now press Add
  • In the Select User section, select the computers, Windows Group, and service accounts.
  • Now enter the name of the accounts to be added to the local Administrators groups.
  • Finally, click OK.


With these simple solutions, you can solve the error code 31600 in QuickBooks. However, if the problem persists, contact the QuickBooks technical support number, 1-877-521-2086. We are available 24 hours a day, active customer service line to help you.

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