How to fix QuickBooks error 12031? Call +1-877-521-2086

QuickBooks Error Code 6154, Dial +1_877_521_2086

QuickBooks Error Code 6154:

Welcome to QuickBooks Error Code 6154, Dial +1_877_521_2086. QuickBooks Software is an accounting-management application that has revolutionized the way in which a company’s financial activities are carried out. This has led to increased growth and profit, as the time and money saved, as well as manual resources, allows the user to focus more on other productive areas of the business. The best part of the software is that the user can easily run the software without the need for financial knowledge or technical knowledge. Sometimes, by working on the software, the user may encounter technical problems in the form QuickBooks Error Code 6154, Dial +1_877_521_2086. This code essentially means the error area and usually helps the support team to reduce the different causes of the error. Below we have provided complete details on such an error called QuickBooks Error Code 6154, Dial +1_877_521_2086.

QuickBooks Error Code 6154, Dial +1_877_521_2086

Reason for error QuickBooks 6154: Dial +1_877_521_2086

The main cause of this error is that the folder containing the QuickBooks company file is inaccessible. Due to QuickBooks Error Code6154, the user is unable to open the enterprise file. When the error occurs, your system will display an error message stating that there is an error connecting to your company’s file and that it is not possible to access the specified file or folder. QuickBooks Error Code 6154, Dial +1_877_521_2086.


How to solve the error code QuickBooks 6154? Dial +1_877_521_2086

Intuit, manufacturer of QuickBooks, has provided user-friendly methods to resolve this error. However, given the technical nature of the error, it is recommended to try these resolutions under the direction of QuickBooks experts. In addition, the user must keep in mind certain points before trying the solutions listed below:

  1. Please retry your synchronization after each solution.
  2. Make sure you are on the latest version of Intuit Sync Manager

The various solutions provided by Intuit and its experienced customer support:

  • METHOD1-This error may occur if the file is located on the C: drive of the computer system or in a folder containing many files. Try ‘ sync now ‘ again after a little while.
    Method 2-
    o Move the company file
    § Move the company file to another folder.
    § Browse the computer and choose the new location for the file.
    § On the new location, create a new folder.
    § Navigate to the current location of the file or folder you want to copy or move.
    § Highlight the items you are moving and press (CTRL + C) to copy or (Ctrl + X) to cut.
    § Return to the new location you want to use for the files and press (Ctrl + V) to paste the items.
    o Reset Sync Manager
    § On the QuickBooks Help menu, click Manage Data > Reset Sync Manager.
    § Log in with the user ID/password of your application.
    § Allow Synchronization Manager to perform the first synchronization.
    If the above two methods are not able to resolve the problem and if the error mentioned persists, it is recommended that you contact the QuickBooks support team hosted by Intuit. If the user fails to connect to the team because of a long queue, he can then search for alternative support agencies. One of these agencies is called and can be called for a toll-free number-+ 1-877-521-2086. QuickBooks Error Code 6154, Dial +1_877_521_2086.
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QuickBooks Error Code 6154, Dial +1_877_521_2086
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